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Dental Implants - Beautiful Teeth in Just One Day

Would you enjoy having beautiful teeth in just one day?
Advances in Implant Dentistry now allow Lansdowne Dental Care to provide such options for patients. What was nearly impossible just a short time ago, beautiful new teeth can be delivered in just one day! Advances in implant technology and new protocols allow less invasive surgery without bone grafts that results in the ability to replace failing or missing teeth with customized, hand-crafted replacements immediately.

When considering Implant Dentistry, Dr. Nguyen will take a careful approach to determine what your oral condition and to discussing your options for providing a long term healthy and beautiful smile. Only from this approach can Dr. Nguyen determine which patients are qualified to have their implants placed, and their replacement teeth fitted in just one day.

Listen to Our Dental Implant Patient Testimonial

For more information one same day dental implants, or to schedule an
appointment, please contact us or call 703.723.7810.

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